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Your visit is sincerely appreciated. Within these pages I have shared some professional information about me, career, my curriculum vitae, and -of course- a blog, aptly named, 'Musings'. It is my hope that you find the information here not only useful but also engaging.


About Me: A Tech Journey

From the era of the Commodore 64, I've ridden the thrilling wave of technological evolution. My journey began with assembling PCs, a time when every beep was a conversation with the machine. Progressing through tech support, I mastered the art of LAN and WAN networks, orchestrating servers and data centers. Later, as a Full Stack Developer, I honed my skills in coding and frameworks, evolved into a Development Team Manager, then a Project Manager, and ultimately, a Director of Technology. Now, as an independent consultant, I merge these experiences to navigate the dynamic tech landscape. From the Commodore 64 to modern server farms, I've experienced the full spectrum of this digital revolution.

About Elazar Pimentel

My professional journey in the technology sector has been diverse and expansive, stretching across key roles from Tech Support Specialist to Full Stack Developer, and evolving from Project Manager to Technology Consultant. In each position, my focus has been on the meticulous orchestration of complex projects, weaving together innovative technologies and strategic business goals to drive operational success and efficiency.

As a Project Manager, my role extends across a spectrum of initiatives. I aim to spearhead projects by integrating advanced technologies into practical, market-driven solutions. My methodology is deeply anchored in data-driven analysis, ensuring every project not only meets technological standards but also aligns seamlessly with strategic business objectives. In the capacity of an Independent Technology Consultant, I leverage my extensive experience, merging technical knowledge with a strategic business outlook to streamline processes, reengineer workflows, and implement all-encompassing solutions across diverse industries.

My commitment is to balance best practices with forward-thinking innovation, robust security measures, and steadfast solutions. Whether guiding development teams, managing expansive network and IT systems, or providing expertise in digital forensics, my approach is consistently focused, aiming for precise, results-driven outcomes.

Professional Experience

A chronicle of my experience in technology, aiming to balance innovation, strategy, and best practices.

Program Manager, Applied Technologies in Micromobility Projects (2016 - Present)

Government of Buenos Aires City, Buenos Aires, Argentina

In my pivotal role as Program Manager, I spearhead the strategic integration and management of cutting-edge micromobility projects. My expertise lies in steering the convergence of shared bicycle systems, electric scooters, and personal bicycles with the urban infrastructure, underpinned by robust, data-driven strategies. A hallmark of my leadership is the adept coordination of development teams, ensuring the utmost security in code development and seamless integration of technologies across inter-governmental agencies. With a keen focus on project management excellence, I meticulously govern budget allocations, optimize costs, and ensure the precise attainment of project milestones, fortifying the city's infrastructure with innovative and sustainable transport solutions.

Independent Technology Consultant (2009 - Present)

As an Independent Technology Consultant, I offer applied technology consulting services focused on aligning technological solutions with business objectives. My expertise includes optimizing processes, redesigning workflows, implementing software and hardware solutions, and providing cutting-edge project management solutions in both the private and public sectors.

CEO, HK Security Services (2011 - 2016)

Buenos Aires City, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Steered a team of 25 administrative staff and 350 security guards as CEO. My tenure was marked by strategic planning, operational efficiency, and empowering employees, which fueled the company's growth and success.

Regional Director of Legal Technologies, FTI Inc. for Latin America (2005 - 2011)

Miami, FL

Managed daily operations across nine offices and 200 users, overseeing diverse IT systems. Provided expertise and testimony in Forensic Computing and technology-related issues as Director of IT and Legal Technologies.

Regional IT Director, Kroll Inc. in Latin America (1997 - 2005)

Miami, FL

Directed daily IT operations in six Latin American offices. My responsibilities encompassed server management, workstations, LANs, WANs, firewalls, security policies, and user manuals. Also led the Technical Support department, ensuring efficient technology operation throughout the region.

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